About Comspan

ComSpan provides advanced video, high-speed Internet, and telephone services to select rural communities in the state of Oregon.

The essential core of our mission is to provide value to our customers. We strive to do this every day by offering high-quality entertainment and communication services and continually improving customer care. In these times, you require reliable, quality communications from a stable company you can trust. Put your business and home in the hands of a local company committed to supporting your community.

We are proud to offer advanced entertainment and communications services providing “Your link to the world.” For example, we offer today’s most advanced video services, including increasingly popular High-Definition programming and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service. Plus, our customers can choose from more than 2,000 video-on-demand movies and shows.

ComSpan is also a leader in providing state-of-the-art Internet service. We offer standard Internet connection speeds up to 50 Mbps up and down speeds. (Faster than our competitor’s premium offerings) Crystal Clear voice services with many popular features included!

We always look for new ways to provide our customers with additional savings and convenience, we offer bundles of two or three ComSpan services for one value-based price. Customers who combine their cable television, high-speed Internet, and telephone services into a “triple-play” bundle receive the greatest value for their communication dollars.

We are committed to providing impeccable service to all Families, small- and medium-sized businesses, hospitals, schools and government offices in select rural communities in Southern and coastal Oregon. With our service you are able to benefit from our fiber optic-based services in many ways – from local economic development and lifestyle enhancement in the community to shrinking the distance between local businesses and their customers. We also invest in the future of our communities through strong civic leadership and involvement.

You may know a ComSpan employee as a neighbor, friend co-worker or organization. We continue to hire locally and have a significant investment in the communications infrastructure serving southern Oregon and Coastal markets.